"This has been the very best decision I've ever made in my business!" — Dean, PiXFACTORY

Upgrade Your Team, Bring in Lucrative New Clients and Free Up Massive Amounts of Time for Yourself

The REFACTOR program: work 1-on-1 on your business with Tom Sharp


“When I needed a breakthrough in my business and my non-profit, Tom helped me with his very unique process (I’ve never seen anyone do this!) to envision a crystal-clear path forward.

I made some changes in my team and strategy and am now much more relaxed, effective and I see more impact and results of my work.”

Perry Marshall

Number 1 Authority on 80/20 for Entrepreneurs

As an Entrepreneur, Do You Have Far Too Many Meetings, Feel Like a Jack-Of-All-Trades and Put Out Fires As If You Were the Fire Chief Him/Herself?

You're being pulled in every direction—your time is in hot demand!

Ever catch yourself wondering, "Where's the joy in all this hustle?" You're clocking 60-hour weeks, but the to-do list just won't quit. It's always go, go, go—focused on growing the business and rallying the team, yet somehow, the big goals keep getting pushed to the back burner.

Sound familiar?

Great news—you're in the right spot! We've got over a decade of rock-solid experience helping seasoned entrepreneurs like you streamline for success and gear up for a profitable exit. Let's get your priorities sorted and your profits soaring!

"My company is now running completely independently. Sales have doubled and I have taken over a second company."


Technical Solutions

“With Tom’s help, we 5x’d our revenue in just 2 short years.”



“With Tom’s help, among other things, my revenue this year will be 2.5 times as much as last year. I think that’s insane!”



"Not a day goes by that I don't think about you guys, and everything we learned. It has been the very best decision I have ever made in my business!"


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Turn your business into a smoothly running engine

"I do want to set up another one or two new businesses," one of our clients said.

"Tap into a new market."

"At some point there has to be a business I can sell."

"If my leadership team can run the ongoing business, I will have time for pioneering again."

"I'd like to find some more depth in my work — and be able to really contribute something to a better world with my innovations."

"I want more freedom. And I want to be really proud of my team."

All of these wishes can seem like nice dreams and nothing more.

But, in our work with entrepreneurs, we see time and again that much more is possible than most people think.

Why things often don't work out

90% of all entrepreneurs stumble over the same 3 problems

Lack of time is a vicious cycle

Each problem perpetuates the following

For busy entrepreneurs, it is often difficult to force a breakthrough on their own.

Many entrepreneurs have already had one or two attempts, trying to really delegate more and work less themselves.

But that turns out to be very difficult, on your own.

Each problem, of course, perpetuates the next problem:

You are busy - working ín your business
You have to, because your team is still too dependent on you and your presence
Perhaps because you don't have exactly the right people (and where would you find them?)
As a result, you don't really get around to taking distance, working on your business and brainstorming.
Of course, that also restricts you from working on your business model, marketing and sales, so you miss out on a lot of profits
Meanwhile, you don't actually have anyone who really respects you, but also gives honest and independent advice

We have designed and optimized REFACTOR over the past 10+ years to solve those problems for you.

Exactly what you need

In UNLIMITED, we help you grow solidly - especially in these three areas:

Upgrading your team

Optimizing your business model and marketing

Freeing up a lot of time

With our well-proven program

More than 50 entrepreneurs have gone before you. Since 2013 we have been continuously optimizing our approach. As a result, REFACTOR-entrepreneurs are achieving mind blowing results.

Together we will find the 'Central Challenge' in your company

We do not believe in solving all problems. Much better to first find out what the central challenge is. So we look for it, together with you. And then we will solve it. That produces better results. And much faster.

One-on-one coaching calls with Tom

Tom himself coaches you 1-on-1 in solving the Central challenge in your company. In addition, based on his years of experience, he thinks along with your strategy, tactics and approach. He will hold up a mirror to you and help you make the right decisions.

Accountability, but then encouraging

Entrepreneurs often fall short of their goals because no one keeps them on task.

Marlene solves that for you. Not only will you benefit from her progress monitoring, but you'll also notice how much her enthusiasm and empathy makes a world of difference.

Best advice: always help under the button

Through WhatsApp, we think with you about everything that is going on in your company and your team. You can also use the knowledge and experience of the other REFACTOR entrepreneurs there at any time. And of course we also have an option for more confidential questions.

A breath of fresh air with new ideas

During the masterminds sessions, you'll spar with Tom and other REFACTOR entrepreneurs about urgent, important problems of the moment.

Together, we brainstorm solutions you could never have come up with on your own.

(You can also choose to do everything alone 1-on-1.)

Turn your team members into A-Players

We are happy to offer your team members access to almost all of our valuable online training:.

That way you don't have to update them on all the ideas yourself, just refer them.

REFACTOR: good for you - and for your team!


Software to Exit

My boyfriend and I, a couple of engineering buffs with a knack for coding, launched our startup with a bang. Our product was a hit, and business boomed. But soon, the charm of managing everything solo faded. Long days morphed into working weekends—it was a recipe for burnout. Reluctantly, we realized it was time to expand the squad.

Stepping up from coding wizards to team leaders was no small feat, especially for a pair of introverts with zero knack for delegation. Managing felt like a different beast altogether.

That's when I dived into Tom's mastermind group, craving a shift from do-it-all mode to master delegator. It was a goldmine—everything I needed was right there, no need to juggle multiple courses.

Collaborative analysis sessions with Tom peeled back the layers of our struggles, setting the stage for transformation.

Thanks to the insights and strategies we got, our business evolved, eventually running without us at the helm. Selling it turned out to be a sweet deal, one that left us thrilled.

For any entrepreneur stuck in a relentless grind, I can't recommend Tom enough. His guidance could be the game-changer you need.

"When I look at where we are now, I'm very happy that we really started working án our business."

Jonathan Stolk

SaaS App

"The meetings and coaching sessions with Tom really help me step back and look at my business and processes with a helicopter view."

Peter Vermeulen

Idas Internet Development

Frequently Asked Questions

Need to travel for REFACTOR? Nope!

No need to pack your bags! At REFACTOR, we're fully online and loving it!

Why's it great?

- Save oodles of time: Kiss goodbye to those pesky travel and wait times. More hours in your day to crush your business goals!
- Keep your cash: Forget flights and fancy hotel stays. Your wallet stays plump!
- Quick on our feet: We're in contact more than ever—think monthly brainstorms and frequent one-on-ones. Tom and Marlene are just a call away!
- Efficiency on steroids: Less downtime, more go-time. Perfect for the high-flyers who never stop moving.

The one bummer?

- Less face time: No cozy lunches or dinners, which means we miss out on some camaraderie. But hey, that's a small price to pay for all the perks!

The bottom line?

After years of perfecting our online model, we’re faster and more effective than ever. Sure, it's a tad less sociable, but our clients are hitting milestones faster and with far less fuss. 

More frequent chats = more speed = more results. 

So, let’s keep the momentum and make magic happen!

Is REFACTOR the Right Fit for Me?

If you're a hands-on entrepreneur steering a bustling business, REFACTOR might just be your next big move!

Who Thrives with Us?

  • Seasoned entrepreneurs who lead a dynamic team.
  • Businesses rocking annual sales between $1 million and $20 million.
  • Teams sized from 10 to 100 passionate professionals.

Over the past 20 years, we've partnered with a kaleidoscope of companies, from modest enterprises to corporate giants pulling in over $10 billion annually. 

But, at REFACTOR, our heart lies with the go-getters and doers—entrepreneurs like you who aren’t just in it for the ride but are gripping the reins tightly!

Come along—bring your business partner too! Let’s make business magic happen together.

What the investment for REFACTOR?

Joining REFACTOR is a solid investment in your future—and it's serious business. Why? Because we deliver serious results.

What’s on the Price Tag?

$15,000 for a 6-month total package, which covers all personal guidance, coaching, and advice. No hidden costs; everything's included to turbocharge your business. 

Why the Hefty Tag?

This isn't just a price—it's a commitment. It ensures that you’re in the company of equally driven entrepreneurs. As Perry Marshall famously said, "Good education is expensive. Mediocre education is astronomically expensive because you get bad advice and then do the wrong stuff for 2 years."

What’s the ROI?

We're expect big returns. If you think you can't boost your profits by at least $150,000, this may not be the right program for you. We'll aim for increased turnover, but you might also benefit from some hefty cost savings, like Rowan who saved $50,000 right off the bat with our first piece of advice.

The Bottom Line

We go all-in for you. If your needs exceed the usual, we'll simply talk it out. But let's be real—hasn't happened yet. Ready to level up?

The Big Why's


You are free as a bird and can devote your time and attention to those things that are important to you and to your team.


You have complete financial freedom. All your ideas and plans can become reality.


You have the impact you want and with your ideas, creativity and intelligence you help as many people as possible to make their lives better. You feel satisfaction with what you have accomplished.

"Within 2 weeks I was down from 50 hours a week to 12 hours — and after 6 weeks back to just 4 hours working in' my business."



"We were quite frustrated that we were making lots of offers, but little to no orders were coming through. With Tom's help, we generated growth of over 200%!"


Manufacturer of Boarding Equipment

“Tom is able to explain how to solve problems in a very clear way, so you actually take action. You don't have to just keep learning, and reading, and processing new information. With him it's more like: 'Let's go and fix this thing.' I love his style.”


Catering for Constructors

"Not a day goes by that I don't think about you guys, and everything we've learned. It's been the very best decision I've made, business-wise!"


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“I really appreciate the let’s get straight-to-the-point approach of Tom. He doesn’t only respond to what you’re saying, but more importantly: to what you’re not saying.”


Inland Shipping

“I think we added almost 2 million in revenues with Tom’s tips and tricks.”


Consumer Goods Manufacturing

Will REFACTOR work for me?

Every business, every situation, and yes—every entrepreneur sparkles with uniqueness

Intrigued by what REFACTOR could whip up for you? Why not jump into a free REFACTOR Try-Out coaching session with the man himself, Tom Sharp?

In this interesting tête-à-tête, Tom will dive into your current position, dream destinations, and together with you, craft a killer strategy to get you there. 

And of course, he'll explore if REFACTOR is the secret sauce your journey needs. Got questions? He’s ready to tackle those too!

Just want to toss a couple of quick questions our way first? Shoot us an email anytime.

Don’t worry, we’re not about arm-twisting here. We’re in the business of genuine fit—helping entrepreneurs we truly vibe with. So, no pressure—promise!

Discuss your business, plans and strategy with Tom

Just that one hour can already be so valuable

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