"My business is now running completely on auto-pilot" — Caroline

Leadership Mastery Map

Grab a double espresso, check each box that fits your situation and BAM! - you have a crystal clear picture of where you stand in the 7 competencies of masterful leadership. Plus, bonus, you immediately spot where new breakthroughs are waiting for you.

"Tom deals with B.S. at a very unique level, that I've never encountered before."

Jessica Shrake

Real Estate

"Tom makes the life of any modern leader a lot easier."

Dominique Haijtema


“I really appreciate the let’s get straight-to-the-point approach of Tom.

He doesn’t only respond to what you’re saying, but more importantly: to what you’re not saying.”

Robert Zimmerman

Inland Shipping

“Tom helped me with his very unique process (I’ve never seen anyone do this!) to envision a crystal-clear path forward.

I made some changes in my team and strategy and am now much more relaxed, effective and I see more impact and results of my work.”

Perry Marshall

Number 1 Authority on 80/20 for Entrepreneurs

Experienced Entrepreneur? Ready For Massive Breakthroughs?

In our unique, hands-on Refactor program, you not only get one-on-one coaching from Tom himself, but also a proven program for entrepreneurs to free up lots of time.


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