Effective Leadership for Entrepreneurs

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Surprising Tips for Your Podcast Listeners,
Deep Expertise, and Authentic Stories

All your listeners who are entrepreneurs need to be effective leaders. Let’s be honest: problems with teams quickly translate into poor performance, bad quality, maddening conflicts, low morale, and even financial devastation.

And it gets worse! Entrepreneurs with shoddy teams often suffer from a lack of relaxation, as they work evenings and weekends. This also takes away energy from creative and more profitable work like developing new products and services. Ignoring team issues can even lead to burnout and depression.

Tom Sharp

Tom Sharp is a Leadership Expert for Entrepreneurs. After moving from Europe to America, he is now generously publishing and sharing all his tips, techniques, and tools in English for all entrepreneurs who want to transform their team into a motivated machine.

Tom loves sharing stories and tips about freeing up massive amounts of time, about building teams you can actually trust, and about how he has helped ordinary entrepreneurs solve impossible problems.

Questions and Topics to Discuss with Tom

  • What are ‘Binary Messages’ and how do they free up so much time?
  • Why can delegating much more work to your team feel like such a challenge?
  • Why each entrepreneur should have at least 2 or 3 mobile phones.
  • How to find A-Players for your team, even when everybody says they’re not available anymore.
  • How to get rid of boring work.
  • The trap of starting your day with urgent work.
  • Why should most entrepreneurs decrease their comfort zone?
  • What are The Six Words,’ and what makes them so powerful?
  • How to focus on the most valuable work (gold-silver-nickel).
  • How do you help entrepreneurs find out what they would really like to do with all their extra free time (‘The 97 List’)?

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➡️ I loved my conversation with Bob Regnerus & Brandon Boyd about upgrading your teams, freeing up time and developing strategies based on cause-effect thinking.

Practical Stuff

Over the last two decades, Tom has inspired, trained, and coached thousands of leaders in a country 20 times smaller than the USA. His average evaluation score was a 9. He is known to be a trustworthy guest who is always respectful of podcast hosts and their time. He’s happy to use Zoom, Riverside, or any other standard platform to connect.

➡️ Please email guest@tomsharp.blog to set up an interview or ask any questions.

➡️ For short podcasts (up to 45 minutes), you can also directly find and book a slot in Tom’s calendar.

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You may also want to check out Tom’s BuildCoolThings website, the blog where he freely shares his tips, and the cool things Tom is working on.

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