Solve your toughest strategic challenge, while upgrading your Vitamin D3 levels

(Invitation only)

It’s quite simple. Most growing businesses have really tough challenges, but no good way to craft the proper strategies to tackle them.

Just read ‘Good Strategy, Bad Strategy’ from Richard Rumelt if you’re not convinced or need examples.

We’ll invite you to an exotic beach resort, like Tulum, Cabo, or Tamarindo, and help you do the thinking and planning you’ll never ever get done back in the office.

Instead of spending 3 months procrastinating, then ending up with 30 pages of analysis, dreams, goals and financial forecasts —but no strategy in sight—, that nobody enjoys reading anyway, these four days will transform the way you run your business. In good times and in bad.

Apart from your new Strategic Insights, you’ll also take the real, practical, and very valuable approach to building strategy back home.

Do you have strategic problem that would lead to at least 1 million USD in extra profit when you can solve it as soon as possible? And are you interested to see if you’d qualify for a personal intake for our strategic retreat?

“We added almost 2 million in revenue because of Tom’s tips and tricks.” — Robert