“The business is now running completely on auto-pilot. We’ve doubled our revenue, and I bought another company.”
— Caroline, Mechanical Engineering

Hey there, busy entrepreneur! Drowning in meetings? Continuously solving problems for your team members? And juggling the never-ending circus of daily tasks?

As the ringmaster of your growing business, it seems like everyone wants a piece of your oh-so-precious time!

That’s exactly what Glenn, who owns an innovative signing service, said:

‘Being too involved in the daily operations is my Achilles’ heel. There are so many days that I’ve been very busy, but at the end still think: “What have I really accomplished today?’

Or listen to Fred, the founder of an ICT company, who complained:

‘I need to finally stop working 60-hour weeks. As the one with the ultimate responsibility, the work never seems to stop. I’m always thinking and worrying about the business, and the team.’

And Paul, the owner of a successful telecom business:

‘We need to increase our profits to be able to sell the company. I find it hard to focus. Both my business partner and I are not really working on our most important priorities. To be honest, I don’t even know if I would dare to log all the things I spend my time on.’

Do you ever feel like you’re playing a never-ending game of “Whack-A-Mole” instead of savoring the sweet delights of success?

Fear not! You’ve just stumbled upon the Willy Wonka of time management and team building!

“When I needed a breakthrough in my business and my non-profit, Tom helped me with his very unique process (I’ve never seen anyone do this!) to envision a crystal-clear path forward.

I made some changes in my team and strategy and am now much more relaxed, effective and I see more impact and results of my work.”

— Perry Marshall, Number 1 Authority on 80/20 for Entrepreneurs

Turn Your Business Into A Smoothly Running Machine

Many experienced entrepreneurs have similar dreams as Peter, a genius metallurgist:
“I’d like to start another company, next to this one. I’m thinking about conquer another market with a slightly more mainstream version of my innovation. And I want to work towards making my business attractive to a buyer, so I can fully enjoy my retirement from age 55.”

And in a conversation, Ben, who designs very efficient storage racks for warehouses, told us:

“I dream of having all the daily operations running smoothly without my personal involvement. And I want only happy people around me: happy team members, happy customers, a happy family. And yes, a good chunk of money in the bank would make everything easier.”

Or listen to Seth, who in working with us got much more time for the kind of innovations for which he has a special gift:

“I want to design and develop more products around measurements at sea, especially when a ship is moving. I love figuring out things that become relevant for the entire industry. I’d like to find more depth in my work, and put my brain on building even more profound innovations. I’d like to really contribute to a better world and know that I have a global impact with my technical ideas.”

We also had the privilege of working with Helen, who runs a high-tech software development company, who told us:

“I want to move the business in a direction that frees up my time. I’d love to be able to take a nap, or do my yoga exercises, if I want to. I also want to build a company that people love to work for.”

The fantastic news is that, as she collaborated with us and liberated tons of her precious time, she and her squad snagged a prestigious Deloitte Award! Their biz skyrocketed by a whopping 4,713% in a mere 3 years!

So yes, if you’re eager to expand your business empire while making space for creating awesome stuff, cherishing family, hanging with friends, and having a blast, you’ve hit the jackpot – welcome to your very own Tom Transformation!

“With Tom’s help, we 5x’d our revenue in just 2 short years.”
— Michael, SaaS Software for Rental Companies

“With Tom’s help, among other things, my revenue this year will be 2.5 times as much as last year. I think that’s insane!”
— Cynthia, Schedule Developer

“I really appreciate the let’s get straight-to-the-point approach of Tom. He doesn’t only respond to what you’re saying, but more importantly: to what you’re not saying.”
— Robert, Inland Shipping Company

Time Troubles: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Not-So-Easy Solutions

As an entrepreneur, freeing up time may seem to be as elusive as winning the lottery.

Perhaps you have already tried the following experiments:

  1. The "Hamster Wheel Technique": Many business owners work themselves to the bone, hoping their efforts will magically free up time, stop new problems from happening, and rest to finally arrive. Spoiler alert: it never happens.

  2. The "More the Merrier Fallacy": you bring in more people, thinking it'll lighten your own load. However, hiring the wrong folks means training and managing them without getting the results you need. It's like paying for a concert, managing the band, and still having to play all the instruments yourself!

  3. The "Bookworm's Dilemma": you may have sought answers in books, only to find that you don't have time to actually try out the suggestions. Or perhaps you have given it a first try, but are then quickly lured back into the whirlwind of urgent issues. Nothing changes.

  4. The "Entrepreneurial Adventure Club": many entrepreneurs join a coaching program, only to find the advice as bland as unsalted popcorn, the coaching barely scratching the surface, and the accountability as fleeting as a daydream. Alas, after investing their life savings, they're still stuck.

So, we'll need a new and inventive approach – one that will upgrade your team, liberate your time, and catapult your business growth like a rocket-powered skateboard.

"We were quite frustrated that we made a lot of technical proposals for our clients, but only a few of them turned into real business. With Tom's help we have now generated 200% growth, it's almost unbelievable." — Nynke, Manufacturing of Boarding Equipment

“Tom is able to explain how to solve problems in a very clear way, so you actually take action. You don't have to just keep learning, and reading, and processing new information. With him it's more like: 'Let's go and fix this thing.' I love his style.” — Rick, Catering System for Building Sites

How We Help You Fix Your Time-Issues

Over the last 20 years my team and I have developed an innovative approach to help entrepreneurs in enhancing their teams and liberating tons of time for expanding their businesses or simply for investing in family, friends, and fun.

We're incredibly thankful to have seen the astonishing transformations in the work and lives of countless European entrepreneurs. Now, it's high time to unveil this secret sauce to entrepreneurs across the globe.

Rather than burying you under a mountain of tasks based on some run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter strategy, we shoot for a more bespoke, tailor-made experience.

  1. We'll mostly work with you one-on-one. Feel free to invite a business partner, managing director, or assistant to tag along. This enables you to delegate and unload any practical tasks directly.

  2. We always kick off with Who-You-Are. Eschewing generic advice, we customize our recommendations to your character, passion, and personal mission and vision for both your business and life. We'll harness your strengths, not patch up your weaknesses.

  3. We'll help you identify the current bottleneck before initiating any dramatic changes.

  4. Once we have found the underlying bottleneck in your business, we can channel your time, resources, and energy into resolving that one issue first. The moment the bottleneck is fixed, everything starts flowing more smooth again. You and your team will become invigorated and exhilarated by the building momentum.

  5. We'll support you in discovering the most effective and efficient solutions for fixing bottlenecks, or in the words of Tim Ferriss: "What if it were easy?" Your ingenuity, combined with our expertise, will pave the way to save precious time while keeping your business and team happy.

  6. We opt for tiny experiments over colossal projects that gobble up time and revamp everything in sight. Small is beautiful. This approach also ensures that things actually materialize. Think 80/20. Once the experiment succeeds, we'll help you transform it into a system, rather than a one-time fix.

  7. We won't make decisions for you, but if you want, we'll hold you accountable. Numerous entrepreneurs flounder because they lack someone to report to. We'll support you in following through on your most critical business and life priorities.

And then we'll celebrate with you! If only because it genuinely delights us to witness another entrepreneur escaping the relentless clutches of time.

Our high-end coaching program is named ''Refactor Your Business' and we'd be more than happy to discuss with you if it would fit your needs.

Just schedule a Strategy Session at a time that suits you best.


Refactor Your Business

"Refactoring is the process of restructuring existing source code without changing its external behavior. It is intended to improve the design, structure, and/or implementation of the software, while preserving its functionality." (Wikipedia)
If you could only refactor your business...
Our unique ‘Refactor Your Business’ program has three parts:
Part I: we’ll work with you to fully understand the most important problems in your current situation.
Your business is unique, your team is like no other, and you yourself have your own personality. The most eminent strategists know, that you better start with the challenge, the crux, the bottleneck. So that’s what we’ll do, too.
Part II: we’ll open our Refactor Your Business Toolbox for you.
It’s crammed full with tips, tricks, tools and techniques for troubleshooting and optimization. We only include the ones that have proven to work for other entrepreneurs. We’ll help you select a couple of these tools that will cut right through the Gordian knots that you’re facing right now.
Part III: we’ll coach you (1-on-1) to use these tools, and adapt them to your unique situation.
And of course to celebrate the results you’ll see! Small experiments are often the best way to see quick results, build momentum with your team, and ensure that you don’t rock the boat too much.
Instead of just hiring an outside consultant to tell you what to do, we’d much rather work with you. We'll share our insights, tools, and processes with you. That way, you can use our unique approach time and time again, to troubleshoot any problem that comes your way. Now, and in the future.

"I'm so happy that I've started to work 'on our business'." — Jonathan, SaaS Quality Monitoring App

“My meetings and coaching sessions with Tom really help me to take a step back and look at my business and processes with a helicopter view.” — Peter, Intranet Development Systems

What Does It Look Like? The Specs.

The Specifications

We’d love to help you free up 4-8 hours per week for strategic, high-level work, by working with you for 3-6 months. Most of our work with you will be 1-on-1.

At the start of Refactor Your Business, we’ll invite you to schedule:

  • One 45-minute Goal Setting Session, to find out what you're passionate about for yourself, your business and everything else that is important for the process
  • One 90-minute Unst*ck Session, to help you find the bottleneck or crux, that needs to be solved to see the fastest results possible

During the rest of the program:

  • We’ll work with you to build and execute the best strategy to fix the crux/bottlenecks
  • We’ll coach you in applying the tips, tricks, tools and techniques from our complete toolkit, but just the ones that are most relevant to you and your unique situation
  • We’ll keep you accountable, and may gently kick your behind whenever necessary

Every month, we’ll help you see dramatic results with:

  • A 45-minute coaching and consulting meeting with Tom Sharp, the Willy Wonka of time management and team building. These calls will be focused on freeing up time, but can also be used to strategize for business growth, marketing, sales, and the further leveling up of your team.
  • A 20-minute sprint session to set goals for this month.
  • Based on these sprint sessions we’ll provide you with accountability, to make sure that you’re really going to take the steps that are needed to reach your goals.

Throughout Refactor Your Business, we’ll also support you with:

  • A special WhatsApp group for you, your guest (see below) and us. In this private group we'll answer your questions and encourage you to keep working on your business.


  • You’re free to request an extra meeting with Tom, if you need his input to quickly handle an urgent situation or new development.
  • You’re invited to bring one business partner, managing director, or assistant to join you and help you implement the best strategies right away.

For whom is the 'Refactor Your Business' Program designed?

Over the last two decades, Tom and his team have worked with 10m+ businesses, 100m+ companies and even 5,000m+ corporations, but they actually enjoy working with entrepreneurs most.

So the 'Refactor Your Business' Program is especially designed for entrepreneurs who:

  • Run their own, profitable and growing business
  • Are able to freely make strategic decisions for their company
  • Employ between 10-50 employees / team members

What To Expect

We'll help you with our proven process, so this is what you should expect.
  • After 3 months of working with us, you’ll have freed up at least 4-8 hours per week for building cool things, and high-level, important work (or for family, friends, and fun!)
  • Or we’ll work with you for free, for another 3 months, to make sure that together we do get you to free up those 4-8 hours a week
  • If you did free up those 4-8 hours in the first 3 months, we'd be absolutely delighted to continue working with you for another 3 months (on our dime) on more strategic issues, that you now finally have time to work on!

"Tom deals with bullsh*t at a very unique level, that I've never encountered before." — Jessica Shrake

Sounds interesting?

Let's see together if we can help you.

➡️ Please click here to schedule a free strategy call, so that we can help you think through your dreams and current problems, and help you decide if working with us would be a good fit for you and the people around you.

➡️ Or send us an e-mail with some information about you and your business — and any questions you have. We're always happy to help.

“I think we added almost 2 million in revenues with Tom’s tips and tricks.”
— Robert, Manufacturing

“There is not a day that I don’t think of you, and everything we’ve learned in your mastermind. It’s the absolute best business decision that I’ve ever made!”
— Dean, Specialty Stock Photography Website