Are you an entrepreneur drowning in the ocean of endless tasks, struggling to find even a moment to breathe? We hear you and we want to help!

We’re seeking a select group of trailblazing business owners like yourself to participate in a groundbreaking interview.

Share your challenges, insights, and time management woes, and in return, receive invaluable advice from leading productivity expert Tom Sharp, tailored specifically to your needs.

After establishing an impressive reputation for helping European entrepreneurs skyrocket their business growth by mastering the art of time management, Tom Sharp recently moved to America.

Now, he’s on a mission to share his expertise with millions of entrepreneurs worldwide. To ensure our new and upcoming product for entrepreneurs will be tailored to the needs of international entrepreneurs, Tom is conducting a series of interviews.

The goal of these interviews is to understand the unique challenges you face when it comes to time management and business growth.

This is not a sales call. Tom is genuinely committed to learning from your experiences and gaining valuable insights into your current challenges. Your input will help us refine his ideas for our new, international audience.

As a thank-you for your time and contribution, Tom will gladly share his personalized advice and solutions to address the most pressing issues that you mentioned in the interview. This makes it a win-win situation: you’ll be contributing to the development of a new, game-changing product while benefiting from Tom’s extensive expertise in working with entrepreneurs. For free.

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have 5-50 team members? And are you interested in participating in this insightful exchange, then join us in this unique opportunity to revolutionize your daily grind and unleash your true potential. Time is ticking, so don’t let this chance slip away!

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“The business is now running completely on auto-pilot. We’ve doubled our revenue, and I bought another company.”
— Caroline, Mechanical Engineering

“When I needed a breakthrough in my business and my non-profit, Tom helped me with his very unique process (I’ve never seen anyone do this!) to envision a crystal-clear path forward.

I made some changes in my team and strategy and am now much more relaxed, effective and I see more impact and results of my work.”

— Perry Marshall, Number 1 Authority on 80/20 for Entrepreneurs

“With Tom’s help, we 5x’d our revenue in just 2 short years.”
— Michael, SaaS Software for Rental Companies

“With Tom’s help, among other things, my revenue this year will be 2.5 times as much as last year. I think that’s insane!”
— Cynthia, Schedule Developer

“I really appreciate the let’s get straight-to-the-point approach of Tom. He doesn’t only respond to what you’re saying, but more importantly: to what you’re not saying.”
— Robert, Inland Shipping Company

“We were quite frustrated that we made a lot of technical proposals for our clients, but only a few of them turned into real business. With Tom’s help we have now generated 200% growth, it’s almost unbelievable.”
— Nynke, Manufacturing of Boarding Equipment

“Tom is able to explain how to solve problems in a very clear way, so you actually take action. You don’t have to just keep learning, and reading, and processing new information. With him it’s more like: ‘Let’s go and fix this thing.’ I love his style.”
— Rick, Catering System for Building Sites

“I’m so happy that I’ve started to work
on our business‘.”
— Jonathan, SaaS Quality Monitoring App

“My meetings and coaching sessions with Tom really help me to take a step back and look at my business and processes with a helicopter view.”
— Peter, Intranet Development Systems

“I think we added almost 2 million in revenues with Tom’s tips and tricks.”
— Robert, Manufacturing

“There is not a day that I don’t think of you, and everything we’ve learned in your mastermind. It’s the absolute best business decision that I’ve ever made!”
— Dean, Specialty Stock Photography Website