Example Scorecard For A Marketing Manager

When hiring new team members, it helps enormously to first create a good description of the A-Player you need for that specific role.

I recommend you create a so-called “scorecard,” as introduced by Geoff Smart in his book ‘Who: The A Method For Hiring’ (summary). He also provides a downloadable Scorecard Template.

Below is an example of a scorecard that we used to find our own marketing manager many years ago. I hope it inspires you. Feel free to copy and use any phrases that would work in your own scorecards.


Title or name of the Role.

Marketing Technician / Manager

Mission of this Role

How is this role helping other people? Why would you jump out of bed in the morning to get to work?

Our team wants to inspire as many entrepreneurs worldwide as possible to play a positive role in society, first and foremost in and through their own businesses. And then also by challenging them to use their entire personality, experience, resources, and talents to troubleshoot poverty worldwide.

As a marketing technician/manager, you will make this possible, first of all by reaching as many entrepreneurs (and directors and managers) as possible with our inspiration.

You will also make it possible by enabling the rest of the team to invest a lot of resources, time, and energy in the mission. This will happen by you working towards a generous cash flow, revenue, and profit, among other things.


Concrete, specific (SMART) goals for this role.

  1. By year X, our revenue has grown to XXX million dollars, with a profit margin of approximately Y% of the revenue.
    a. This has been achieved by optimizing the current marketing system.
    b. And by testing and adding a variety of new marketing activities.
  2. In addition, we have a whole series of learnings that we can share with our clients, readers, and listeners.
  3. We work with a good project management system for all marketing.
  4. We have a good marketing plan to grow to an international audience by year Z.


Any competencies that are essential for properly fulfilling this role.

Professional Attitude

  • Hassle-free collaboration – you are paid to solve problems, not to create them.
  • No excessive emotional support needed from Tom (no handholding).
  • Good and mature communication.
  • You work reliably, so if something goes wrong (which will happen), report it immediately, offer your apologies, and don’t hide.

Structured Work

  • You keep a good overview of all work yourself, with the help of ‘Getting Things Done.’
  • We expect you to not only do the work, but also to measure, analyze, learn, and adjust.
  • You work quickly, but not too quickly. You don’t rush things.

Be Proactive, But Not Stubborn

  • Be teachable and flexible, especially if Tom wants it to be done differently than the way you thought of.
  • Be good at asking for help when you need it. Don’t keep floundering for too long.
  • You want to serve.
  • You invest in your own knowledge and keep learning.

Commitment To The Company’s Higher Goals

  • You take responsibility for execution.
  • You take responsibility for results.
  • You’re motivated to work towards practical growth, not only towards some vague intuitive, metaphorical b.s.


  • Implementor: ‘Give it to me and it will be alright.’
  • Continuous improvement: ‘We could also test this alternative…’
  • Always learning new things: ‘I researched it a bit more…’
  • Pace: ‘I finished more than 10 mini projects this week.’

Test Results, Qualifications, And Technical Skills

  • Professional experience.
  • You don’t need too much extra training.
  • Understanding and experience with (web) technology: you quickly learn new things, with no fear of technology.
  • Experience with marketing, Facebook, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Infusionsoft, GoToWebinar, Visual Website Optimizer, LinkedIn, WordPress, TikTok.

Tom’s Desired Outcomes

  • Tom is no longer or is only slightly in the critical path of all the marketing work.
  • Tom does hardly any repetitive work and administration anymore.
  • Tom spends less time on marketing activities.

Achieve Successes Together

  • Together we learn a lot about what works and what doesn’t.
  • We experience satisfaction together – success after success.


  • Brainstorm / consult together, so that Tom can work mostly extrovertly.
  • Opportunity for Tom to drop ideas when he has them – then catch them and later discuss priority and implementation.
  • In the beginning Tom will look at everything, later will let go more.
  • Weekly consultation, keep your finger on the pulse.
  • Longer session every month – brainstorm, plan, creative ideas.

Reporting To Tom

  • Later, also update the dashboard.

Give Direction to The Rest Of The Marketing Team (Later)

  • Delegate tasks to others.
  • Project management: keep overview, steer, monitor.


Other items to take note of.

  • This is a freelance position.
  • You’re available for at least 40 hours a month.
  • You have good availability:
    • Respond quickly, not only one day a week, better to work 2 hours a day.
    • Don’t overwork, so be able to schedule time well.
  • Sign our NDA and our Data Processing Agreement.
  • Transfer any copyrights to us that are generated during paid work for us.

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