‘Helping People Work Together — To Create Magic’

That is my working definition of leadership. At least, it’s the one for today 😉

Helping People

Leadership is all about helping, not coercing. Not micromanaging, not manipulating. Good leadership is always about serving others — your team members, clients, customers, students, patients, citizens, family, friends, your nation, even the entire human race. And yes, that includes helping yourself, too.

Work Together

Leadership is all about shaking things up. Leaders help people collaborate more effectively, whether the work is paid for, or not. Teams with capable leaders can bundle their individual strengths in ways that other groups can only dream of.

To Create Magic

Lastly, leadership is all about reaching common goals in unexpected, even magical ways. It’s never just about maintaining the status quo. Good leadership strives to find better ways to make things happen. That’s why learning to develop solid strategies is such a crucial part of becoming a leader.

Just 3 Elements

It sounds pretty basic. Once we start unpacking these cornerstones, it can —of course— still become pretty complicated.

But why not start with a user-friendly, short definition?

The real heart of leadership might be simpler than we expect.

🔵 What do you think? Do you enjoy my unpretentious definition? Or do you have an entirely different, better one? I love connecting with people who are interested in discussing leadership — so if anything resonates, let’s hear it in the comments

Tom Sharp
Tom Sharp

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