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As an Entrepreneur with a Team, there’s a 97.5% chance that you want the following 4 things from your business —

We Want Passion-Fueled Work That Rocks Your Socks Off

We want to thrive. We chase challenges. We love playing to our strengths at the highest level. If it’s not quirky and doesn’t tap into our genius zone, we’re not doing it.

We Snatch Opportunities Like a Boss

We didn’t dive into this business jungle for the bragging rights. We’re here to grab opportunities by the horns, wrestle challenges to the ground, and skyrocket to growth.

Money’s cool, we do want to turn a healthy profit, but developing something awesome is what really makes us jump out of bed. We develop new products, improve our marketing, and serve as many people as we can. We dream about scaling, and then selling the joint.

That’s just who we are.

Freedom — Our Holy Grail

Wanderlust isn’t just a word for us; it’s burned deep into our souls. We love to travel, meet people, enjoy new cultures. We take time off.

We dance with spontaneity and crave becoming the Master of our own Time.

But — We Need All of This to be Drama-Free, i.e. No Management

For innovators like us, managing other people sucks. Big time. We’re all about empowering a crew we can trust — with our lives. Sure, coaching young people is fine. We do want to be great employers. But a self-driving team? That’s our mojo.

Bottom line: we choose leadership to avoid management.

Tom Sharp
Tom Sharp

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