Running Meetings Doesn’t Count as Exercise

Picture this: an endless todo-list, a calendar crammed full with meetings, and multiple overflowing inboxes. While fighting yet another fire, you feel guilty over unfinished work. Also, why is everyone standing in your office right now?

In two decades of working with numerous entrepreneurs, directors, and managers, a common thread emerged: they’re too busy to do, let alone enjoy, their jobs.

The 3 Stages to Slowly Killing Yourself

  1. A team that doesn’t give you the quality you need leads to endless troubleshooting, micromanaging, and having to follow-up on tasks. Being dragged into daily operations all the time, you might opt to handle things yourself for quicker, superior results, but now you’re paying for a concert, managing the band, while still having to play all the instruments.
  2. This drains time from crucial tasks only you can do. Mission. Vision. Strategy. Culture. Coaching. Yes, you may try to squeeze in some sorely needed thinking time during your daily commute, but eventually you’ll lose both focus and overview, trapped in a perpetual game of “Whack-A-Mole.”
  3. Stress, strain, and suffering are the results. Being tired all the time. High blood pressure. Heart problems. Burnout. It’s almost as if you’re trying to kill yourself by not fixing your leadership challenges.

Because, let’s face it, all of these are leadership issues. Building and upgrading high-quality teams, setting directions, defining priorities, and ensuring adequate time for thinking are the responsibilities of no-one else than us, leaders. There’s no reason to complain. You’re welcome.

Tom Sharp
Tom Sharp

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